Thursday, October 6, 2011

The innocence of a child

A mother said once to her little child, "read surah Al Ikhlas 10 times so that Allah will build you a house in Jannah!"

The Little Child started to read, and then looked to her mother and saw her reciting surah Al Ikhlas as well,so she told her,

"no mommy! you don't have to read it, because you are going to live with me in my house in Jannah"

---> 3 things continue to benefit a (believing) person even after death - charity which he had given (which continues to benefit others, beneficial knowledge which he had left behind, and supplication on his behalf by a righteous child (Narrated by Saheeh Muslim).

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Zarina Zaimi said...

fiza!! u finally update! :) with a very beneficial post, masyaAllah.. :)